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      "Surely," said Margaret, trembling from head to foot"surely it cannot be"

      At this moment a knock was heard at the door. Calverley opened it, and De Boteler's page appeared to say, that if Thomas Calverley had wanted the aid of the priest, he should have applied sooner, for his lord was now waiting for him.

      Turner looked at Holgrave, as if he meant to resent the unsociable manner in which the reply was uttered; but speedily recollecting himself

      Reuben was irritated by this display of sentiment.That same evening, before her husband was back, a letter came for Rose. It was from Benjamin at Rye, announcing that he was sailing that night in the Rother Lady for Las Palmas. He was sick of the farm, and could not stand it any longer. Would Rose tell his father?

      "Yes, instantly. You shall know the business in less than half an hour."

      The face of the provoked dignitary glowed, his eyes flashed, and he looked, in his glittering mitre and splendid vestments, like a being more than human, as, turning from the judge, and raising the staff he held in his right hand, he pointed it towards the assembled crowd, and said,

      Chapter 11


      "It might be Wales or Madagasky,"And one, too, who prophesies," said another.


      "But f?ather, it didn't t?ake up any of my time, writing that poem. I wrote it at my breakfast one mornun two months ago""No," said Holgrave, "I would betray no man; but I should not like to harboura man that had"


      "I haven't been crying."The boys still didn't seem to have much to say, so she continued: